LOCATION: Redwood City, CA

JOB DUTIES: Lead the technology implementation and final delivery of data sourcing, data analysis, data visualization and location intelligence projects across a broad spectrum of industry verticals and customer segments. Meeting with customers, understanding and gathering business requirements. Building application uses cases by conducting business analysis and requirement analysis. Architecting, designing and developing the workflow of data from user interface to the server and back. Designing and coding the application for JQuery and J2EE components with an aim to improve user experience and interactivity. Design and develop interactive JQuery components that will allow for user annotation of business data with an intention of improving the systems machine learning capabilities. Building machine learning algorithms using natural language processing and artificial intelligence based inference using mathematical models. Involved in redesigning and coding with focus on high performance. Helping application development team to resolve any technical issues. Conduct training on new technologies. Work closely with external customers in the US to cultivate relationships, understand customer requirements and translate requirements into actionable project plan. Contribute in the planning process to enhance the solution through technology, identify potential risk areas based on various factors such as timeline, budget, and technology constraints. Review technical architecture & design to meet the project requirements. Provide support for code review and quality assurance processes to ensure deliverables are of highest standards. Understand the overall business dynamics, strategic objectives, IT landscape and culture of each client’s organization and come up with suitable solutions.

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Required Bachelors or foreign equivalent in CS, CIS, Engineering (Any), MIS or any related field + 5 years of experience with the same or similar job duties but given another designation. Must be able to travel/relocate to various client sites throughout the U.S.

To contact or to apply please send resumes to 303 Twin Dolphin Drive, Suite 600, Redwood City, CA, 94065 or Email: