What do we do ?

  • Build multi-device, UX-rich enterprise apps across a diverse set of Big data sources.
  • Build apps that use Cognitive Computing across the 'Internet of Things' ecosystem.
  • Build adaptive, intelligent, intuitive, gamified enterprise apps quickly.
  • Build apps that use Artificial Intelligence with targeted domain knowldege for a frictionless interface with the end user.
How do we do it?

  • Combine Natural Language Processing (NLP), Big data machine intelligence and data science in one toolbox.
  • Make sense of structured and unstructured data with a domain rich SaaS powered infrastructure.
  • Use a developer studio to provide a nimble app development environment for a next generation UX experience.
  • Use the prebuilt data adapters for a range of enterprise and cloud based data sources.
Where do you start?

  • Browse our exhaustive App Repository and rapidly 'test drive' your business app by selecting the best fit
  • Leverage our industry expertise and reference case studies for a quick value assessment
  • Use prebuilt data connectors for extracting key information from structured and unstructured data sources
  • Rapidly and cost-effectively deploy your solution on a cloud
What the Industry Leaders Think

Our Vision

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