Our Technology

App Orchid applies artificial intelligence and natural language processing to extract information from the free flowing unstructured data that resides across the Internet of Everything landscape. By combining unstructured data like emails, social media, reports, maintenance logs, memos, and compliance regulations with Internet of Things and operations data, you can now have a 360 degree view of all data points needed for superior forecasting, operational efficiency, and risk management.

App Orchid uses Big-Data based in-memory technology to perform deep learning to identify patterns, risks and opportunities previously impossible with traditional analytical tools. The information derived from the two data sources is then merged and presented to the user using story-boards and/or video-based narratives that provide insight not possible with conventional visualization tools. Since each organization has its own environment and business needs, App Orchid provides both off the shelf applications and/or the platform for users to develop their own applications.

App Orchid Proprietary Technologies


A Natural Language Processing (NLP) Infrastructure and a Big Data Science engine form the baseline foundation for a knowledge discovery and decision support framework.

Vulcan UX™

The first cognitive computing based UX development suite. Unlock your creative genius with virtually no training or coding.

Cloud Seer™

The first SaaS powered cognitive computing infrastructure. Intelligent routing provides effective and economical use of cloud resources integrated with social and enterprise applications.

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