The Power of App Orchid Apps for the Utility Enterprise

energy-utilitiesToday’s electric grid is a myriad of smart meters, communicating controls, power line sensors, and thousands of other intelligent endpoints. All these devices are creating an exponential growth in the amount of analytical data that utilities are attempting to make sense of to improve grid reliability, increase efficiency and provide superior customer service. But the thousands of terabytes of data locked in these structured database systems represent only a fraction of the utility’s collective intelligence. The rest is trapped in unstructured data that can be found in reports, emails, white papers, PowerPoints, field assessments, customer interactions, equipment manuals, and perhaps even more important, experiential observations from utility personnel at all levels that we refer to as “tribal knowledge.”

Adding Exponential Value to Your Investments in Grid and IT Infrastructure

Imagine if we somehow could access and assimilate all these information sources: structured data in operational database stores, unstructured tribal knowledge, and external data from the internet and social media, to create an intelligent virtual repository that could be queried using simple apps that can be cross pollinated to provide exceptional insight.

With App Orchid’s utility industry apps, you can harness the power of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to enable advanced predictive analysis simply by typing in a question, such as: as “how do we optimize generation dispatch at 2 PM tomorrow if there is 40% cloud cover?” Cross pollinate this app with another app that blends SCADA, distribution and outage management data with field workforce maintenance reports, and grid resiliency forecasting can be simple as asking “Which transformers are most likely to fail in the first week of August and how long will it take to restore service?”

App Orchid Apps Provide Productivity and Efficiency
Across the Energy/Utility Value Chain

Innovative Technologies Provide Remarkable User Experience and Insight

App Orchid uses Big-data based in-memory technology to perform deep learning to identify patterns, risks and opportunities previously impossible with traditional analytical tools. The information derived from the two data sources is then merged and presented to the user using story-boards and/or video-based narratives that provide insight not possible with conventional visualization tools.

A Tiny Investment Buys You Tremendous Results

App Orchid blends operational data, tribal knowledge, and external data into simple, intelligent, cognitive computing apps that that can make analyzing your Utility enterprise data as simple as downloading a travel app on your smart phone. There’s no easier way to increase the value of your information and infrastructure across the utility value chain. You can deploy apps in as little as several months, not several years, and at a cost of thousands not millions of dollars. No other analytics technology can offer you a lower cost of entry or a lower total cost of ownership.

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