The Machine Learning brains behind App Orchid

Agora knows what kind of insight can be extracted from any data and what algorithms to use to get the best results. Agora’s machine learning module automatically applies algorithms to data and tests the results, eliminating the need for anyone to program the system. How is it better than other Machine Learning technology? It leverages pre-built knowledge graphs based on industry and business functions for context based reasoning and natural language inference.

Components of Agora

Agora Key Features

Machine Reasoning using Semantic Intelligence

A suite of libraries and pipelines that are process information to reason and infer business outcomes using semantic intelligence based on a knowledge graph

Natural Language Based Capabilities

A powerful NLP based on industry grade open source applications trained to read documents, sentences and phrases in a contextual manner to extract meaning, intent and sentiment

Continuous Learning through Adaptation of “Tribal Knowledge”

A usage analytics engine that understands and comprehends user behavior and performance to develop hidden features and attributes that can help to create training data that is not naturally available to the supervised learning algorithms

Multi-expression Support for Rich Open Source Integration

Ability to integrate python, Java and other machine learning rich languages to provide powerful academic know-how within an industry grade product setting

Recommendation Engine

Determines intent to provide best possible recommendations, personalized for the specific users with similar profile and usage patterns

Ontology and Semantic Search

A rich Q&A powered search framework that can query semantic data or metadata and render the results to the end user in real time

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