Automatically generates knowledge graphs that continue to learn over time.

Sophi doesn’t require large volumes of historical data upfront, it learns your business over time as you use it. As your business, the environment and your customer change, Sophi continues to learn, enriching your knowledge graphs through new attributes and relationships.

Business Context through Knowledge Graphs

The power of App Orchid’s platform is in the automatically generated knowledge graphs that continue to learn over time.

Sophi Key Features

A Single Repository for Data, Content, Pipelines & AI Building Blocks

A continuously growing library of purpose-built UX components, knowledge graphs (ontologies), solutions, apps, data pipelines and AI models that come together to synthesize into a complete AI solution

Configurable Managed Semantic Objects

Managed Semantic Objects that are templatized to deliver content for out-of-the-box and customized solutions

Ability to Convert User Journeys to Business Outcomes

A library of user stories, business objectives, journeys, personas, roles, user templates and data models that expedite AI powered results

A Full-lifecycle AI App Development PaaS Platform

Employee “Tribal Knowledge” is integrated into knowledge graphs that come pre-delivered with a cloud strategy, data acquisition workbench, discovery, modeling & preparation layer, security and deployment models bundled within a composite delivery package

Integrated with a Knowledge Warehouse

Intellectual property controlled knowledge collaboration and co-development platform that allows apps to be published within a warehouse and deployed on ecosystem App stores like AWS, SAP and others

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