Auto-Builds Dynamic and Responsive Apps

Vulcan-UX allows enterprises to build AI powered apps quickly using a rich set of UX components based on the data to be visualized. The interface is dynamic and truly responsive. It renders information based on who the user is and the natural language question that they ask. Most importantly, the interface easily captures user “tribal knowledge” through annotations built into the apps.

Components of Vulcan-UX

Vulcan-UX Key Features

Conversational UX – A Siri for the Enterprise

Apps are rendered in response to a natural language question, that can be continuously trained and improved over time

An UX Layer Purpose Built for AI

A usage analytics engine that continuously tracks user behavior and performance and a rich annotation framework that helps to capture user “tribal knowledge” are used to improve supervised learning and machine reasoning

Dynamic Auto-App Development Engine

Automated engine delivers UX rich components, charts, cue cards and apps based on frequently used styles, usage metrics and thematic preferences

Enterprise App Store

Ability to publish hand-crafted and auto-curated apps to an app store for easy discovery, synthesis and reusability in an intra-enterprise and a cross-enterprise setting

Multi-device Capability

Ability to publish apps to a wide range of form factors and device types in a truly responsive fashion

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