Empower your legal and procurement teams with AI-driven analytics and intelligent search for supplier and buyer contracts.

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Let AI empower your organization with contract analytics.

Today’s volatile business environment is placing significant pressure on legal teams to keep track of countless details across your volume of contracts that are growing exponentially. Identifying contracts with risk exposure, such as force majeure, GDPR or liability limits, can take hours, even days, to accomplish with existing systems. aoVision can supercharge your existing CLM with intelligent contract analytics built with AI from the ground up.

With aoVision, your legal and procurement teams can:

Analyze supplier contracts

aoVision lets your team run intelligent search and analysis for not only your own contracts, but for critical terms on 3rd party contracts.

Integrate documents easily

You can easily import your entire contract volume from any source system, such as SAP Ariba, DocuSign, SharePoint or others.

Enrich your system of record

Let aoVision automatically update source systems with contract data to be used by other applications or departments.

Started analyzing contracts quickly

Unlike other contract analytics solutions, you can start gaining
critical legal and commercial insights in just weeks, not months.

“How many suppliers do we have in Ukraine and Russia with active force majeure? And how much is our risk exposure?”

Traditional method:

  • Manual search of individual contracts
  • Requires search across multiple platforms
  • Results of search not actionable
  • 2-3 weeks of effort

Using aoVision:

  • Search entire contract volume with AI
  • aoVision is your single search platform
  • Automatically updated system of record
  • Answers in seconds

Instantly view critical terms across your legal volume

In just a few clicks, you can access detailed legal information for any contract in your repository. Identify missing terms and pre-requisites, such as negotiation boundaries, policy transgressions, material changes, clause and template similarity, obligation exposures, etc.

Search that is intelligent and user friendly 

aoVision’s search allows your legal team to search for specific clauses within a specific contract or across your entire contract volume. Additionally, aoVision will search for synonyms and provide suggested queries if you don’t know the exact input (e.g. finding a specific supplier name or jurisdiction).

Identify outliers that can cause unnecessary risk

Get the answers you need about your organization’s contracting trends and behavior – and improve the contract template, terms, structure, language and clause options. Identify contracts with terms that exceed current risk tolerances.