Rapidly prioritize asset repairs by impact and cost


The next stage in asset health monitoring is
Efficient Triage.

App Orchid’s Asset/Meter AI can help you monitor, find and prioritize
meter/asset issues in minutes

Reduce unnecessary truck rolls

Identify problem assets quickly and prioritize them by highest risk and potential revenue loss, so that you can dispatch crews more efficiently.

Reclaim lost revenue 

Discover new problematic assets and determine  financial impact to prioritize high revenue work orders.

Increase operational efficiency

Work smarter by analyzing work between service calls, customers, manufacturer types, and weather to prepare for anything.

Receive smarter recommendations

Find trends in asset performance to surface recommendations to service teams to fix unexpected issues.

Perform complex searches easily with Smart Search 

Ask, and you’ll get an answer. The App Orchid AI can understand complex queries in natural language and give you what you’re looking for.

Deep dive into asset performance 

  • Replacements, Service History etc.
  • Use Natural Language Processing to understand and surface information from service notes

  • Detect issues correlated by manufacturer, batch and weather

  • Track warranty and life remaining

Combine many types of data to get the full picture

  • Asset IoT data
  • Geospatial data
  • Environmental and weather data
  • Unstructured Service notes
  • And more!

Triage issues on impact, find revenue leaks, and fix the big problems first

  • Replacements, Service History etc.
  • Revenue to date
  • BPEMs

Get insights and alerts into asset performance and lifecycle

  • Algorithms to detect high cost/impact problems
  • Best Performing vs Worst Performing combinations
  • Meter Life and Procurement at a glance

Powerful operational screens with integrated view of
asset health and operations 

Use Cases

Water Meter

Detect backflows, leaks and other key issues. Mitigate revenue loss.

Switching Devices

Detect anomalies, plan for weather issues, detect hardware failure patterns, proactively repair.

Gas Meters

Detect leaks, proactively replace aging meters. Discover failure patterns.


Detect anomalies, plan for weather issues, detect hardware failure patterns, proactively repair.

Street Lights

Detect streetlight failures, find failure patterns in bulbs, proactively repair end of life lamps.

Electric Meters

Find problematic meters, discover theft and fix connectivity issues.

Other Assets

  • Poles and towers
  • Right of Way
  • Valves
  • Pipes
  • Transformers
  • Trees
  • Streetlights
  • Switching Devices
  • Field Tech Devices (IoT, Communication)

Key Differentiators

The AO Platform

Our platform is designed to solve the problems of the next 10 years. Instead of digitizing legacy processes, it revolutionizes them.

Easy Adoption

Our apps require minimal training and easily adoption - because we hyper-focus on User Experience and Functionality.

Industry Ontology

Our Utilities Ontology allows us to define industry concepts in a way that both enterprise systems and AI can operate efficiently  and effectively

Deployed at Scale

Our Utilities Apps are tried and tested at large Utilities, serving millions of customers and assets.

Our AI Tools

From Machine Learning to Combinatorial Analysis, our tools let you rapidly extract insights and predict outcomes across your businesses.

Solutions for every Budget

Our goal is to bring AI to the whole industry - our apps are priced to suit every budget.

Fast deployment, Easy to use

Easy adoption, minimal training

Integrates with most Utility systems

AI is trained and ready to use in 4-8 weeks

Ready to see how App Orchid’s Asset/Meter Operations AI can help solve your asset challenges in record time?