Technical Architect

 Location: San Ramon, CA


Job Duties  

Involve in end-to-end Product development using architectural and design experience. Interact with product management team to understand the product requirements and verify the technical feasibility of the product features. Involve in technical evaluations and working on POCs to prove the concepts and architectural parameters. Perform requirement analysis in Energy, Utilities industries and incorporate the knowledge in the product. Understand the visual and analytical requirements of time series, IoT data generated from electrical meters, communication devices, electrical transformers, and other home appliances. Understand the visual and analytical requirements of analyzing exceptions and alerts generated from electrical and industrial equipment. Develop the next generation search user interface that can answer any natural language question. Develop a responsive and AI driven HTML5 applications using Javascript framework to improve user experience and interactivity. Design and develop a mobile UI framework that can run on any device. Design and develop interactive UI components that will allow user to annotate business data that can be used to train machine learning/AI models. Develop a personalized user interface that is based on past user interactions. Perform design and code reviews for implementation projects. Conduct unit test reviews of code and involve in quality checks of client deliverables. Provide training for the support and implementation teams. Provide support on critical product issues. Review test plans from the QA team to ensure product quality. Must be able to demonstrate the knowledge of CI, CD process.


Job Requirement

Required Bachelors or foreign equivalent in CS, CIS, MIS, Engineering (Any), any related field + 5 years of experience with the same or similar job duties but given another designation. Must be able to travel/relocate to various client sites throughout the U.S.


Location of Work

App Orchid, Inc., 6111 Bollinger Canyon Road, Suite 570, Building Y, San Ramon, CA, 94583

Apply Now

To contact or to apply please send resumes to App Orchid Inc., 6111 Bollinger Canyon Road, Suite #570, Building Y, San Ramon, CA, 94583 or Email: