Unlocking Value from Hidden Data and Tribal Knowledge Drives Smarter Business Decisions


CLAIMS360 harnesses the power of all information sources, including tribal knowledge, to create a virtual repository of intelligence.


Enterprise data stored in disparate databases is integrated with external data to deliver unprecedented insights and analytics.


CLAIMS360 delivers extraordinary insights and new levels of efficiency and accuracy. Smarter decision-making under uncertainty is now possible.


Real-time flagging of predictive patterns and trends enables preventive action that improves customer satisfaction and superior risk evaluation.

CLAIMS360 is an enterprise software powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that brings real-time, valuable insights to insurance operations. The platform integrates all data, including tribal knowledge to deliver unparalleled access to valuable information.

The Benefits of Actionable Intelligence

Exclusive risk profiling and evaluation

Compliance regulations, market rules, and regional mandates are combined with risk analytics to deliver exceptional risk assessments.

Perform complex data requests in plain language

Quickly search for insights by typing into a simple search box. Managers get answers to questions at the speed of thought.

Identify patterns, trends and important information across all data

CLAIMS360 highlights similar assets owned by different customers to allow for preventative alerts and action.

Reduce operating cost and increase profit

Uncovering critical business insights reduces uncertainty and surprises that impact profitability.

Individual risk analysis

Insurance companies better profile risk with an easy to access, real-time, individual view of each customer.

Faster response to claim processing

When major casualty events occur, quickly dispatch claims personnel to areas armed with new insights that address customer questions faster.


CLAIMS360 captures employee insights and experience, delivering a uniform assessment metric across the entire underwriting process.

Monitor and Control Fraud

Integrate social media data into the claims review process to deliver a holistic and complete view of the individual claim.

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