Cloud Seer: capturing, connecting, and enriching data.

Cloud Seer integrates anything, anywhere, on-demand and as-is. It’s an intelligent data pipeline engine that allows data to be transformed and integrated for consumption by business end users with little or no training.

Cloud Seer extracts intrinsic properties of data and creates a detailed view of each data object as a Managed Semantic Object (MSO). When an MSO has a relation to another MSO, we identify this relationship and store that too.

We also have a library of pre-built MSOs where we have described more details on what the field is and how we can get additional information. We compare the data signature of the newly discovered MSO with that of the data signature of an MSO in the library to automatically calculate additional information. For example, if we find a “date of birth” field, we can look up a similar field “DOB” in our MSO and automatically know that we can calculate additional information called “age”.

Using techniques like this, Cloud Seer identifies and enriches any data source in minutes and makes these details available for use by the other products in the App Orchid platform.


Bringing immediate value to leaders and teams, platform functions build an intelligent system that acquires, captures, and stores organization knowledge.
Unique to App Orchid, these functions use the Foundational Services (see below chart) to provide real-time insight to business owners.

How Cloud Seer connects