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About App Orchid

The App Orchid platform helps enterprises build AI fueled apps for the Energy, Utilities, Insurance and Healthcare industries. The App Orchid platform uses deep learning and natural language processing with industry specific content delivered through knowledge graphs, to create powerful predictive apps. App Orchid blends historical and real-time, structured and unstructured data with employee “tribal knowledge” to deliver innovative enterprise apps including pre-built solutions such as AssetThink, CustomerThink, DocuThink and PeopleThink.

Our Big Data based in-memory technology helps to identify patterns, risks and opportunities previously impossible with traditional analytical tools. A natural language powered user experience interface makes information retrieval as simple as using Google. App Orchid helps enterprises achieve their digital transformation objectives easily through rapid deployment, low cost implementation and minimum disruption across their existing systems and organization.


What’s Happening at AO


Meet App Orchid at InsureTech Connect 2019

September 23-25, 2019

What IF You could proactively and automatically assist your policy holders to reduce their exposure to loss?


App Orchid’s CMO presents at On Demand Insurance

August 7-8, 2019

CMO Amrita Joshi on how to leverage emerging technologies for On Demand Insurance


App Orchid receives “India’s Most Trusted Companies Award 2019”

August 11, 2019

App Orchid has been awarded “India’s Most Trusted Companies Award 2019” in the AI Category by the IBC Corporation, USA


Ushering the New Era of Intelligence Apps

August, 2019

App Orchid recognized as 2019 “Top 25 Artificial Intelligence Providers” by CIO Applications Magazine

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