About App Orchid

App Orchid Inc. is a Silicon Valley based software developer specializing in the science of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing. Our mission is to create “apps” that make the internet of everything think like a human brain.

Thousands of intelligent endpoints that make up the Internet of Things have created exponential growth in the amount of analytical data that corporations and other organizations are attempting to make sense of in order to improve efficiency, manage risk, and provide superior customer/client/patient service. Where once businesses only had to respond to operational data in structured format (databases), the Internet of Everything provides us with an opportunity to break the barriers of these data silos, and integrate this structured data with unstructured data in found on the internet, social media, news and weather. Organizations also benefit by tapping into their own “tribal knowledge” that exists in the unstructured form of reports, emails, evaluations, presentations, and observations.

App Orchid applies artificial intelligence and natural language processing to extract and blend structured data from the Internet of Things and operational databases, with unstructured, free-flowing data from Tribal Knowledge and the Internet of Everything. We then use Big Data based in-memory technology to perform deep learning to identify patterns, risks and opportunities previously impossible with traditional analytical tools. Our Natural Language and/or gamified UX makes retrieving accurate answers as simple as typing a question in Google.