App Orchid Partners with Kx to Deliver AI-enabled Solutions

Date: 31 January 2019

Kx announces that it has signed a partnership agreement with App Orchid (AO), a leading provider of an AI-based platform, to deliver solutions incorporating Kx technology. Kx will enable the analysis across large volumes of disparate data sources in real-time for App Orchid solutions.
For its initial engagement, AO and Kx were selected to deliver a next-generation real-time data platform to AI enable workforce and asset modules within a Fortune 500 Utility company.

About App Orchid
App Orchid helps enterprises build AI-fueled apps for the Energy, Utilities, Insurance and Healthcare industries. The App Orchid platform uses deep learning and Natural Language processing with industry-specific content delivered through knowledge graphs, to create powerful predictive apps. App Orchid blends historical and real-time, structured, unstructured and employee “tribal” knowledge data to deliver a breadth of enterprise apps including pre-built solutions such as Safety360, Customer360, and Claims360. The Big Data-based in-memory technology helps to identify patterns, risks, and opportunities previously impossible with traditional analytical tools. A natural language powered User Experience interface makes information retrieval as simple as using Google. App Orchid helps enterprises achieve their digital transformation objectives easily through rapid deployment, low-cost implementation and minimum disruption across their organization.