Equip your frontline employees with a 360°, real-time view of every customer.


CUSTOMER360 links disparate enterprise systems such as CRM and ERP with social feeds, billing history, and customer interactions.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning performs in-field advanced analytics that enables a real-time snapshot of every customer.


Employees get instant visibility to customer sentiment, including potential difficult interactions, and proactive recommendations to improve customer satisfaction.


CUSTOMER360 empowers frontline employees to proactively delight customers, driving lower call volumes, shorter wait times, and faster resolution of issues.

CUSTOMER360 is a ground-breaking customer insights app that delivers a 360° snapshot of everything that has to do with your customer. It gives employees the ability to quickly address, resolve, and recommend solutions to customers in real-time.

The Benefits of Actionable Intelligence

An Early Warning System

CUSTOMER360 provides frontline staff with a proactive alert so they know what to expect prior to arriving at a customer location.

Quicker Resolution to Customer Concerns

Real-time, mobile access to all customer interactions including sentiment scores and payment history creates faster, more efficient customer service.

Capture Customer Changes and Updates On-Site

Field staff can address most questions and concerns on-site instead of deferring to call centers or escalating to managers.

An Easy to Use App, No training needed

Designed for frontline staff, the easy-to-understand interface delivers quick access to accurate customer information while traveling to/from customer locations.

Proactive Recommendations to Create Quality Service

Field staff can access real-time recommendations such as options to reduce late payment fines or account consumption to enhance customer satisfaction.

Create a Customer Experience that Delights

Access to a 360° view of each customer means less time searching for information and more time engaging positively with customers.

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