What if you could improve customer satisfaction significantly by improving the level of service and efficiency of your customer facing agents?

Customer360 is a ground-breaking customer service app that gives companies the ability to proactively solve customer issues many times before the customer knows they has one. Users are provided with customer sentiment assessment analysis and recommendations based on analysis of ALL relevant data to enable them to provide better service faster.

Key Benefits

Advanced Analytics

Sentiment Analysis

Real Time Data on or Off-Premise

Intuitive User Interface

Customer360 in Action

360° View of the Customer

Customer360 integrates ALL data in the enterprise for a specific customer into a single pane view so the user can easily find information without flipping through multiple screens. Users now have access to ALL relevant customer information in the call center or offsite in the field.

Key Features

Predict Customer Grievances

before they call in allowing companies to get ahead of issues

Resolve Customer Issues Quickly

through real-time, mobile access to all customer interaction information

Proactively Offer Quality Service

through real-time data driven recommendations

Improve Agent Productivity

by accessing a 360°view of each customer

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