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App Orchid CEO, Krishna Kumar, Featured Speaker and Panelist at “2015 Insurance Disrupted Leadership Summit”


k-kumarKrishna Kumar, will be a featured speaker and panelist at “Insurance disrupted – Silicon Valley 2015 – A Disruptive Leadership Summit.” The Summit will take place on November 19-20, 2015, in San Mateo, California. The conference brings together an elite group of Silicon Valley visionaries and Insurance leaders to establish a dialogue and ecosystem that accelerates a forward-thinking digital generation in the insurance industry. Krishna Kumar is an entrepreneur, innovator, and visionary with proven expertise in taking a concept to a market-leading commercial product. Prior to his appointment as CEO of AppOrchid, Mr. Kumar was the founder and CEO, and later CTO, of Space Time Insight, a company that created a market called ‘Situational Intelligence.’ Mr. Kumar has two patents in Big Data, and has filed for seven more in the fields of Cognitive Computing and ‘Internet of Things’. Mr. Kumar will discuss the tremendous potential of using artificial intelligence, natural language query, and powerful in memory processing to combine traditional structured data with unstructured data, the Internet of Things, and tribal knowledge.

“For decades, the insurance industry has led the world in predictive analysis and risk assessment,” said Kumar. “However, their analytical models have been largely dependent on traditional, structured databases. Tomorrow’s risk models will be fueled by a treasure trove of data from the Internet of Things, unstructured data from social media, online research, news, reports, and procedures, etc., and the insurance company’s own tribal knowledge. “Using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, insurers will be able to blend and query these disparate data sources on the fly, with the ease of asking a question on Google®. This will raise the bar for risk management and operational efficiency to a whole new level,” said Kumar.