Launching App Orchid Utilities Apps

Written by Rehan Refai

January 6, 2022

How can AI be used at every Utility, without special knowledge or oversized investments?

App Orchid aims to answer this question every day. In Q1 2022, we’re launching three apps that use AI to solve three questions –

  1. How can I enable any Utility employee with access to the right information to solve problems for customers?
  2. How do I prioritize what asset problems to solve first to have the biggest impact?
  3. How can I make alerting my customers as seamless and stress free as possible?

The Secret Sauce

Using knowledge graphs, we’ve built a Utilities Ontology that connects data (about customers and assets, for example) across various systems. With the AI features built into the App Orchid Platform, such as, natural language processing and machine learning, we can build apps that give you powerful insight, prediction and problems solving abilities.

Utilities Knowledge Graph

The Apps

1. Deep Customer Context

By combining data across many systems, this app lets you search for key information and surface insights about any Utilities Customer. It can be used by anyone, from executives, call center reps or field service crews to understand and solve problems for customers.

2. Asset and Meter Issue Triage

See the unexpected patterns in asset health and performance by combining weather information, Asset health info as well as historical service notes.

3. Seamless Alerts for Emergencies

Automate alerts by letting our App understand outage or service impacts, extract contact information of affected customers and load pre-approved communications into a broadcast-friendly format.

These apps were built and tested at scale (we’re talking millions of customers and meters and thousands of service reps) at one of the largest Utilities in North America. In the coming weeks, we will be diving deep into what makes these apps special. Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo

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