What if you were able to identify which meters had the highest risk of revenue loss?

MeterOps360 integrates data from ALL meter related systems into one signal pane to provide actionable insights and recommendations not possible prior.

Key Benefits

Integrated View of Meter Operations & Meter Health

Enhanced Meter Health Monitoring

Employee “Tribal” Knowledge Integration

Improved Meter Performance Analytics

MeterOps360 in Action

Integrated View of Meter Operations & Meter Health

Integrates data from ALL METER related systems into one single pane real time such as manufacturer, meter size, meter age, customer type, location, etc.

Key Features

Identifies Faulty Meters

quickly through accessing and analyzing ALL relevant data

Dramatically Reduces Revenue Loss

by identifying problem meters quickly and prioritizing them by potential highest revenue loss

Predicts Meter Failure and Life of Meter

more accurately and automatically through combinatorial analysis and deep learning techniques

Drives Smarter Service Operations Decisions,

dispatches and prioritizes service orders and crews to locations where maximum revenue loss or high-risk meters exist

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