Procurement can add value to the business….but have we been listening??

Written by Sathya Ramnath

September 2, 2021

An interview with Mike O’Brien, Chief Procurement Officer and Head of ContractAI at App Orchid and World Commerce and Contracting’s President, Tim Cummins.

In a survey conducted by WorldCC and App Orchid in the second quarter of this year, the top 2 highest values stakeholders needed from procurement were:
#1. Contribution to revenue growth
#2. Innovation

In comparison, procurement practitioners responded that the top 2 highest value items for procurement were:
#1. Cost savings
#2. Risk mitigation

This discrepancy in priorities provides a unique opportunity for procurement to pivot using emerging technology solutions in order to focus more on the contribution to revenue growth and innovation in a company and allow technology to eliminate/augment efforts in other areas.

During this 1 hour webinar, you will learn how technology is removing effort and augmenting procurement and supply chain teams, how procurement and supply chain teams can adjust their approach to pivot to the needs of their company

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