I first met KK more than 10 years ago when he did a demo for us at S. Florida water management in response to an RFI. I was not only impressed with the demo but with him. We proceeded to move forward with space-time insight as our front end application. He needed a project manager who could set up the PMO an STI. And I also knew what SFWM Needed as far as requirements for the app. So on April fools 2010 I was hired.

Through my years of knowing KK he was a fantastic mentor and boss. I always felt that I could talk to him about anything.

When he left STI I was very sad to see him leave but I understood why he needed to move forward. However, felt comforted in knowing he would still pick up the phone if I called.

I was deeply saddened when he passed. I was sad because of his family’s loss. I was sad because he was destined to do great things in apporchid. I was also sad because he was no longer available to pick up the phone if I needed advice.