Role of Analytics and AI in Contract Lifecycle Management

Written by Sathya Ramnath

April 25, 2021

App Orchid & Forrester Research

Contracts are more than documents that are signed to initiate a business relationship. The real value of contracts occurs after they are signed, both in defining who does what in that relationship and who is responsible when problems or difficulties arise. Contract analytics are thus an essential part of the management of a contract lifecycle – both for individual contracts and for the contract portfolio as a whole. AI has the potential of enhancing contracting analytics significantly and is just in the beginning stages of maturity.

In this webinar, guest speaker Andrew Bartels, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, will explain the value that analytics and AI bring to effective contract management. Mike O’Brien CPO of App Orchid and head of ContractAI will cover the key features only an AI platform can bring to CLM and how enterprises can truly transform their contracting process by leveraging AI. He will also demo how ContractAI uses advanced AI capabilities in the analytics, contract authoring and negotiations.

In this webinar you will learn how AI can:

  • Provide a set of tools and functions that can strengthen the analytics capabilities in contracts
  • Guide business users and lawyers to include the right terms and conditions in a new contract
  • Assess riskiness of deviations in contract terms from corporate standard language
  • Surface contracts that are impacted by changes in the business, legal, or regulatory environment
  • Identify gaps in contract language or wrongly added language that result in contracts not achieving the desired business results
  • Accelerate time to contract significantly

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