Every penny spent preventing accidents can improve your bottom line. Here’s how:


Safety data and tribal knowledge is captured and coupled with external data such as weather and traffic incidents.


SAFETY360 identifies patterns and trends previously inaccessible without large volumes of resources, that impact employee safety.


Real-time access to safety insights and advanced analytics changes how businesses operate, how loss is prevented, and how employees are protected.


Alerts, advisories, and hazards are accessible via mobile devices. Safety personnel is notified, creating faster remedial and preventive actions.

SAFETY360 delivers a predictable, accident and incident prevention strategy. Integrated with existing systems, it offers real-time responses to workplace incidents, minimizes the risk of global damages, and keeps employees safe.

The Benefits of Actionable Intelligence

Deliver safety alerts and warnings to reduce incident rates

Daily dashboard access to accident-prone situations, hazards, and safety guidelines.

Create a culture of Health and Safety

Employees access training that supports a safer workplace, EHS implications, and on-the-job requirements

Monitor safety KPIs and OSHA compliance

Centralized incident reporting and monitoring meets compliance regulations and ensures timely attention.

Resolve safety problems faster

Early warning system instantly notifies personnel, improving operational safety and performance, reducing liability and incidents.

Prioritize workforce training

Advanced analytics identifies hot spots to help prioritize training and investment for the biggest impact.

Uncover critical business insights to reduce costs and increase profit

With real-time insights, SAFETY360 minimizes uncertainty and surprises that impact profitability.

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