What if you knew what your highest Health & Safety risks were today, this week and next month? 

Safety360 is an AI app that proactively identifies high-risk work sites and safety issues before teams are dispatched, allowing leaders to make smarter decisions on where to invest resources that improve operational safety and reduce company liability.

Key Benefits

Proactively identifies high risk sites and safety issues

Provides Real Time Predictive Safety Alerts

Resolves Safety Problems Faster

Requires no training of your staff

Safety360 in Action

Predictive Weather advisories and Hazard Forecasts for a Large American Utility

SAFETY360 combines structured and unstructured data from work order schedules, employment data, weather, traffic, crime incidents and social media to deliver safety insights that are otherwise not visible. Weather & Ling Term Climate Change analytics

Key Features

Incorporates ALL relevant data corporate data

External data such as weather and crime feeds with “tribal knowledge” of your employees to provide powerful predictive analytics

Safety ontology that continuously learns

prebuilt safety ontology that adapts and learns as your company uses it

Intuitive “siri” like interface

that answers all safety related questions, dynamically providing powerful analytics based on who you are and how you use the system

Monitors Safety KPIs and OSHA Compliance

by capturing regulations, internal and external guidelines and integrates them into alerts, checklists and training to ensure the highest level of compliance

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