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App Orchid augments SAP with AI and intelligence.

The App Orchid platform works seamlessly with our customer’s SAP systems because it is build on the SAP Business Transformation Platform (BTP). SAP BTP is a cloud native technology foundation for all SAP applicatons. SAP BTP allows companies to integrate data, extends applications and surfaces insights. 

App Orchid offers AI-enabled use cases designed for SAP customers that take just 8 weeks to implement.


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SAP BTP Enabled

Sprint Use Cases

PartnerEDGE build partner

1 of 25 Global BTP focus partners

1 of 9 Industry Cloud partners

App Store

Fit to purpose SAP-centric Apps to get you started on your AI journey

Chat GPT for Enterprise Data

Easy Answers

Ask plain English questions, get a rich contextual response leveraging SAP & non-SAP data

Faster Time to insights by


Coming soon

360º Customer Insights for Everyone

Customer Context 

Solve 80% of customer inquiries on a highly customizable single pane of glass

Reduce Call times by

up to 50%

Coming soon

AI-powered Asset Problem solving

Asset Seer

Detect and prioritize hard-to-predict, high-impact anomalies rapidly in critical assets 

Eliminate false positive issues

up to 90%

Manage Contracts with AI


Reduce time-to-contract with AI-powered contract analysis and negotiation.

Reduce time to contract by


Why AO & SAP


Unlock new opportunities with AI, automation and more.

Scale easily

App Orchid leverages SAP BTP and offers an SAP compatible data model – making deploying AI easy

Rapid Time to Value

Realize value in 8-12 weeks, with no system replacement

Designed for SAP

AI on the SAP Platform – a proven technology you already own, supercharged with with AI tools from App Orchid
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Industry-centric solutions

Pre-built use cases ready for deployment 

Purpose built AI platform for the SAP Eco-system

Connect to many types of Data from any Source

Your Systems of Record
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Maximo
  • Click software
  • And more
Your Unstructured data
  • Free Text
  • Service Notes & Interaction records
  • Images
  • Documents
  • Video
  • And more
External Data
  • Weather
  • Traffic
  • Social
  • Crime
  • Climate

AO AI platform

Engagement Studio

App Builder | Data Pipelines | Analytics

AI Engine

Model building | Integration | NLP

Data & Integration Platform

SAP BTP | HANA Cloud Data Lake | Other

Deliver Intelligent Interactions and Insights

  • Customer Context
  • Asset Seer
  • Custom Apps
Easy Answers™️
Natural Language Search Analytics
Advanced analytics
Insights Engine
Automatically surface insights – no coding or advanced data science needed

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