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App Orchid to Showcase New Generation of Smart Apps for Utility Industry at DistribuTECH 2016


App Orchid will showcase its apps for the Utility Industry that use artificial intelligence and natural language processing to blend structured data from operational systems and the Internet of Things with unstructured human knowledge such as reports, logs, emails, and social media.  

These apps can add tremendous value to a utility’s predictive analytics capabilities across a wide variety of use cases, including such examples as renewable generation modeling, unit-commit economics, infrastructure planning and maintenance, asset failure, risk analysis, outage management, demand response, weather modeling, customer support, and crises planning. The apps can be developed in a few months and do not require a major investment of the utility’s time or money. 

Where once Utilities only had to respond to operational data in structured format (databases) that resided in such disparate systems as SCADA EMS, DMS, CIS, etc., the intelligent grid forces Utilities to break the barriers of these data silos, and integrate this structured data with unstructured data residing in the internet, social media, news and weather. They also need to tap into their organization’s tribal knowledge in the unstructured form of reports, emails, evaluations, presentations, and observations. The aging utility workforce makes this even more important, as key tribal knowledge can leave with the employee.