What if you were able to predict the health and life of your assets AUTOMATICALLY?

Uncover AssetThink

AssetThink is a ground-breaking AI powered solution that helps Utility & Energy companies to optimize asset management and performance. AssetThink integrates ALL relevant asset data – internal and external, structured, unstructured and IOT – to anticipate asset related issues and make recommendations in real time. The intuitive user interface gives users a snapshot of all relevant asset data in a single pane, giving them the ability to gain insights not possible before.

Key Features

Integrated View of Asset Operations and Asset Health

Integrates ALL relevant asset data into a single pane view such as manufacturer, usage, specifications, age, detailed service history, location, etc.

Combinatorial Analysis

Multi-dimensional analysis that provides insights and recommendations not possible prior, such as correlations between service calls and manufacturer types and customer type and service calls

Enhanced Asset Health Monitoring

Calculates asset health and asset life AUTOMATICALLY, utilizing deep learning techniques that can crunch millions of records daily

Faulty Asset Identification

Quickly identifies faulty assets by accessing all relevant data and combinatorial analysis

Revenue Loss Reduction

Identifies problem assets quickly and prioritizes them by highest risk and potential revenue loss, so that supervisors can dispatch crews to locations with highest risk assets

Intuitive User Interface

Requires no training – “siri” like interface makes it easy to access, retrieve and capture information quickly

AssetThink in Action

Predict Grid Performance, Asset Failures & Outages for European Electric Utility

Helped understand asset management conditions by analyzing failure signatures of assets combined with notes, specifications and employee “tribal knowledge.” Performed N-1 contingency visualization analytics to identify weak links on the grid allowing our customer to overhaul its grid development strategy and conduct fact based grid upgrades saving millions of Euros.

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Optimize Wind Turbine Positioning for European Energy Company

Using time series data from wind turbines, we helped park operators optimize and increase wind park output by taking into account wind patterns, turbine yaw and the ability to reduce wake effects within the park.

Optimize Meter Operations for a US Water Utility

Integrated all meter data on a daily basis such as meter alarms and employee “tribal knowledge” to identify high risk meters with the largest potential for revenue loss. In just 5 months, our customer was able to reduce false positives by 89% and recover thousands of dollars due to faulty meters.

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