What if you were able to predict customer grievances before they call?

Uncover CustomerThink

CustomerThink is a ground-breaking AI powered solution that helps customer facing employees quickly anticipate customer issues and recommend actions in real time. CustomerThink provides them with a 360 snapshot of ALL customer data across the enterprise in a single pane giving them the ability to gain insights not possible before and solve issues faster.

Key Features

360° View of the Customer

Integrates ALL data in the enterprise for a specific customer into a single pane view

Advanced Analytics

Predicts customer grievances and makes recommendations real time through advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology

Sentiment Analysis

Gives visibility to customer sentiment, including potential difficult interactions and proactive recommendations to improve customer satisfaction

Real Time Data On or Off-Premise

Pushes real-time customer data to customer service staff and field agents allowing them to answer questions and concerns immediately instead deferring to call centers or escalating to managers

Intuitive User Interface

Requires no training – “siri” like interface makes it easy to access retrieve and capture information quickly

CustomerThink in Action

Predict Customer Grievances for Customer Service Center

Enabled customer service to predict customer issues by providing agents and supervisors with ALL customer information, sentiment analysis and recommendations. In addition, the app improved productivity significantly by providing all relevant customer data in once screen, eliminating the need to jump between systems.

Mobile Customer App for Field Services for Fortune 1000 Utility

Innovative Field Service app that enables field agents to have all relevant customer information onsite. This includes relevant safety warnings such as “dog on site”, customer sentiment information, billing and historical service information, so they can better service the customer without escalations or calling a call center.

Self Service Customer Portal for Fortune 1000 Water Utility

Enabled customers to manage their water consumption be giving insights not possible before. Now customers can see predicted billing and consumption for future months, how they compare to similar customers in their area and personalized recommendations on how to optimize in terms of consumption, costs and service plans offered.

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