What if you were able to predict customer grievances before they called in?

Uncover CustomerThink

CustomerThink is a ground-breaking AI powered solution that helps customer facing employees quickly anticipate customer issues and recommend actions in real time. CustomerThink provides ALL relevant customer data across the enterprise in a single integrated view, enabling them to solve issues faster. CustomerThink uses AI to integrate structured, unstructured and user “tribal knowledge” to give users insights not possible prior.

CustomerThink Key Benefits

Predicts Individual Customer Grievances

and potential widespread customer issues before they call in, allowing companies to get ahead of issues

Resolves Customer Issues Quickly

through real-time access to all customer information, onsite and in the field

Proactively Offers Quality Service

through real-time data driven sentiment analysis and recommendations

Improves Agent Productivity

by providing ALL customer information in single view, eliminating the need to jump between systems when servicing a customer

CustomerThink Key Features

Know Your Customer

Integrates all structured, unstructured and user “tribal knowledge” data from disparate internal and external sources for a specific customer into a single integrated view

Grievance Prediction

Predicts individual or group customer grievances using AI based segmentation techniques across various bands of customers, leveraging advanced AI and machine learning technology to make recommendations in real time

Complaint Anticipation

Allows customer service to get ahead of large-scale problems by predicting potential issues caused by outages, product quality, delivery shortcomings, etc.

Triage Management

Prioritizes customer related issues by integrating data from external feeds such as weather, news, etc. with customer criticality data

Sentiment Analysis

Utilizes all relevant customer data and AI technology to predict customer sentiment, including potential difficult interactions and proactive recommendations to improve customer satisfaction

Real Time Data On or Off-Premise

Pushes real-time customer data to frontline employees allowing them to answer questions and concerns immediately, instead deferring to call centers or escalating to managers

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