What if You were able to extract metadata from all documents, emails and images AUTOMATICALLY?

Uncover DocuThink

DocuThink is a category of ​AI-powered cross-industry apps that automatically extracts data from documents and comprehends the meaning of language to provide insights, predict outcomes and make recommendations.

Key Benefits

Entire Document AI Lifecycle

We don’t just extract metadata from documents, but build AI-powered predictive apps so you can leverage the data

Knowledge Comprehension

“Knowledge Graphs” that continuously learn and comprehend the meaning of language like a human would

Intuitive Q&A Framework

Simple Q&A framework is so intuitive, it requires no training and allows the user to search virtually any info from a set of documents

“Tribal Knowledge”

Easily capture user knowledge to prevent loss of expertise and improve insights, predictions and recommendations

Key Capabilities

Automated Ingestion & Metadata Extraction

Ability to ingest a wide array of templates and documents PDFs, OCRs, PowerPoints, Emails, Web Assets, etc. automatically​

Meshes Unstructured with Structured Data

Ability to mesh unstructured document data with enterprise structured data to give insights and predict outcomes not possible prior

Captures SME “Tribal Knowledge"

Enabling users to further train the system and add comments with additional knowledge

Enhanced Q&A

Natural language search capability that allows the user to search data in all relevant documents just by asking a asking a question just as you would in Google​

Comparison and Semantic Similarity Engine

Ability to compare language between documents at a semantic level, to help identify missing terms, ensure consistency where required, note material changes and flag discrepancies​

Fine Tune Search Results

Allowing up/down grading of concept importance to impact search results in real time

DocuThink in Action

Automated Contract Creation & Negotiation

An innovative app built on an AI powered tool on top of the App Orchid platform that automates the creation and negotiation of contracts. It uses advanced NLP to parse historical contracts automatically to identify acceptable and contentious clauses​ thereby eliminating the painful redlining process and drastically reducing time needed from procurement and legal personnel.

Reconciling Industry Standards with Engineering Practices

Enabled an automated solution for document reconciliation for customer’s compliance to standards in major engineering and construction projects. ​The app compares highly technical, lengthy and complex documents and provides a list of section matches, no matches and partial matches for reviewers to resolve and enable engineering group to easily identify gaps between engineering practices and industry standards​.

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