What if you were able to extract data from both structured and unstructured documents across your enterprise?

Uncover DocuThink

DocuThink is a ground-breaking AI powered solution that helps enterprises extract data and apply machine learning algorithms for functions that prior had to be done manually. Unlike point NLP solutions that have to be configured to know what to look for or are programmed to only look at certain types of documents, DocuThink can be deployed for a variety of business functions automatically. It extracts a variety of entities and then applies machine learning and your employees’ “tribal knowledge” to continuously improve results. Overtime DocuThink will make recommendations such as alternative clauses for contracts or specific language for policies that saves significant manual effort.

Key Features

Advanced entity extraction

Extracts ALL data (structured, unstructured, IOT) automatically from systems, documents, pdfs, e-mails, social media, etc. regardless of number of databases or naming conventions

Enhanced NLP

That utilizes pre-built basic, business function and industry knowledge graphs to “read” documents better. These knowledge graphs adapt to your business language over time

Document Reconciliation

Ability to compare two different documents and extract similar sections of text for comparison or reconciliation

Integrated Employee “Tribal Knowledge”

Integrates your employee’s knowledge to increase accuracy of the results through use of simple annotations, Likes/Unlikes, etc.

DocuThink in Action

Entity Extraction for Large European Insurance Carrier

Extracts entities, subscription percentages and other relevant data from structured and unstructured documents across the enterprises’ entire dataset just by asking a simple language question for various use cases.

Contract Negotiation for Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Company

Provides templates to suppliers instead of the painful redlining process that allows them to choose alternative acceptable clauses. Leverages advanced NLP to parse contracts automatically to identify contentious clauses. Deep Learning is leveraged to provide insights into evolving behavior patterns that are then used to improve contract template, structure, language and options.

Document Comparison to Reconcile Industry Standards with Corporate Policies for a Fortune 500’s Engineering Organization

Compares highly technical, lengthy and complex industry standard documents with internal policy documents, providing a list of section matches, no matches and partial matches for reviewers to resolve. The app captures SME “tribal knowledge” through the ability to annotate throughout the documents. App reduced a process that took months of careful review by highly educated SMEs to days.

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