What if Your Field Workers are notified of equipment safety hazards before they were dispatched?

Uncover PeopleThink

PeopleThink is a ground-breaking AI powered solution that helps enterprises mitigate risk while improving productivity of their employees. PeopleThink can help enterprises in areas such as Health & Safety and Workforce Management by bringing together data from a breadth of sources– internal and external, structured, unstructured and IOT – to anticipate people related issues and make recommendations in real time. The intuitive user interface gives employees all relevant data and real time alerts whether they are in the office or in the field. It incorporates their “tribal knowledge” into results helping them optimize their performance as well as mitigate risk.

Key Features

Proactively identifies high risk issues incorporating

Your corporate data, environment data such as weather and crime feeds and “tribal knowledge” of your employees

Provides Real Time Predictive Alerts

That incorporates employees’ specific tasks, where they are located and environment factors

Resolves Problems Faster

Through alerts and integrated communication with workforce and emergency personnel

Requires No Training of Your Staff

An intuitive “siri” like interface that will answer all workforce related questions and provide powerful analytics based on who you are

PeopleThink in Action

Contract Negotiation for Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Company

Streamlines the supplier contract negotiation process by providing templates allowing parties to choose alternative acceptable clauses. Leverages advanced NLP to parse contracts automatically to identify contentious clauses. Deep Learning is leveraged to provide insights into evolving behavior patterns that are then used to improve contract template, structure, language and options.

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