The most seamless way to alert your customers during outages or emergencies

Get broadcast ready for any alert in minutes

App Orchid’s Seamless Alerts automates the more tiresome part of communicating outages and emergencies to your customers

Hyper-personal alerts

Find the right contact information for the right customer that needs to get alerts

Be prepared for every type of emergency

Templates and text to speech let you plan ahead and be ready to go when there’s an emergency

Save hours of time and effort preparing for broadcast

Get prepared for broadcast – we provide automation and data  extraction for contact.

Reduce call center volume

Preparation as well as proactive and rapid communication can help keep your call center from getting jammed during emergencies

Hyper localized and personalized alerts

  • Integrated network tracing and alerting
  • Continuous Sync with SAP for contact details 
  • Integrated with Outage Management System and GIS 

Plan for emergencies with pre-approved Text and Voice Templates 

Stay Prepared for any emergency

  • Sync contact Details with SAP to get preferred contact methods
  • Text to speech enables automated Voice Messages

Alert Analytics tell you how your Alerts are performing

Measure whether you’re reaching your customers. See stats  for 

  • Customers reached, VMs, Hangups, Disconnected Phones, Invalid Phone Numbers
  • Emails – Sent, Read, Bounced and Blocked
  • Time taken for broadcast

Dashboard to view all planned and on-going alerts

Build outcomes from these insights with the App Orchid Platform

The AO Platform

Our platform is designed to solve the problems of the next 10 years. Instead of digitizing legacy processes, it revolutionizes them.

Easy Adoption

Our apps require minimal training and easily adoption - because we hyper-focus on User Experience and Functionality.

Knowledge Graph Ontology

Our graph database approach allows us to define industry concepts in a way that both enterprise systems and AI can operate efficiently  and effectively

Deployed at Scale

Our Apps are tried and tested at large Fortune 500 companues

Our AI Tools

From Machine Learning to Combinatorial Analysis, our tools let you rapidly extract insights and predict outcomes across your businesses.

Solutions for every Budget

Our goal is to bring AI to the whole industry - our apps are priced to suit every budget.

Fast deployment, Easy to use

Requires minimal training to adopt

Integrates with most Utility systems

AI is trained and ready to use in 4-8 weeks

Ready to see how App Orchid’s Rapid Alert can help streamline emergency operations?