The App Orchid platform combines Tribal Knowledge with IoT,
unstructured data and external dark data to create enterprise applications that work together to assess and reduce risk, eliminate unwarranted liabilities, and ensure a high revenue ecosystem.

It’s a game-changing concept that improves how your business operates. Real-time trends and patterns are unlocked and solutions to enterprise problems such as employee safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction are uncovered through Artificial Intelligence-powered apps.


A cognitive computing knowledge engine that identifies and enriches every data source in minutes. It effortlessly processes and organizes unlimited data objects as a Managed Semantic Object (MSO) for fast search and retrieval. Databases, CSV, Excel and unstructured data sources such as PDF, Word, Email, PowerPoint are captured, stored, and processed.



Machine learning (ML), AI infrastructure, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) parse, index, and tag the data and extract patterns and insights, forming the foundation for discovery and decision making. The unique terminology of an enterprise is consumed, understood, and stored as part of the ontology and used to produce actionable results that improve business process.



Melding the results from Cloud Seer and Agora, Vulcan UX presents answers in an easy to understand visual format with no coding experience or training needed. It’s the first of its kind cognitive computing-based UX development suite that identifies the best way to display results by building dynamic apps that are easy to use. Apps are accessed with a computer, tablet or smartphone making it invaluable to teams who need real-time answers.


The platform captures Tribal Knowledge and
other hidden data across your enterprise and delivers
intelligent answers in minutes.


The Zero Code Approach to Artificial Intelligence

No data science or app development skills are needed. App Orchid scans all enterprise data in real time to understand contextual trends, patterns and outliers, and identifies solutions to enterprise problems.

Smarter Business Decisions and Solutions in Minutes


Your disparate business data, process and workforce knowledge – all ready to be unlocked.

semantic intelligence

App Orchid captures all data, including Tribal Knowledge. It learns and understands…


Ask your questions 
to get answers to 
enterprise problems


Minutes later,
 a custom, dynamic app
 provides answers and identifies solutions.

The App Orchid platform in action

You have questions. We have answers.

Answer: The App Orchid platform has connectors to every major data source types, including a custom data source option where we can build a connector to any new type of data source.

    • Any RDBMS Database: Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres
    • Big Data System: Hive, Hadoop
    • File based: Excel, CSV, JSON, XML

Answer: In the Next version (2.2) due out in early 2019, the App Orchid platform will include an easy-to-use intuitive tool called a Pipeline Builder to build data processing and modeling as well as a Solution Builder to build any app, solution or user interface.

Answer: Other AI platforms depend on extensive existing data to build AI models. The App Orchid Platform can start with Simple Models that uses rules and pipelines with existing data and provides a way to collect “Tribal Knowledge” from the users that will enrich the data and help to move to advanced AI. This will allow the users to start using the apps right away instead of waiting for data.

Other AI platforms also depend on data scientists and programmers to build the models. The App Orchid platform uses templates and pre-built Managed Semantic Object to reduce the dependence on experts.

Answer: The App Orchid platform can be scaled horizontally by adding an additional server as needed. Each server will become part of a cluster that will share the states with each other.

The Vulcan UX Module and the Cloud Seer/Agora modules can be deployed in different cluster to scale the UI differently from the Data processing needs. The Servers in a cluster will automatically manage a fail-over system by assigning a different server to handle operations if one server goes down.

Answer: The entire app can be installed, configured, and connected to an enterprise process within a few weeks.

Answer: The App Orchid platform already understands certain aspects of operation in most industries and offers solutions to handle each vertical. Our Customer Solutions, such as Customer360, Safety360 and Claims360 already use the best practices recommended for the industries in which they support.