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AI-powered apps that revolutionize the way you work


Analyze, Author & Negotiate Contracts, easier and faster with AI

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Supercharge Utilities Operations & Customer Service through easy-to-use AI


Built on an AI platform designed for the next 10 years

Design, build and deploy AI-powered apps in weeks, not months.

The App Orchid AI platform is designed to democratize AI by making it accessible across your enterprise.
Our platform is built with tools and technology that add true intelligence to your system of record

Key features

A better enterprise requires better enterprise tools

Operationalize Tribal Knowledge

Records your employees ‘Tribal Knowledge’ and makes it easy to understand through natural language processing

A smarter AI, not a black box

Learns your business automatically without large quantities of historical data


Combine Enterprise & External data for intel

Extracts structured, unstructured and IoT data from enterprise and external sources

Zero disruption mindset

Requires NO replacement of systems or people, no special coding and no training

Industry Ontology for fast AI deployment

Functional & industry knowledge graphs drive enhanced ML tools on enterprise systems and data.

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