Make data work for you.

Ask questions like a business leader. Generative AI empowers your team with easy answers and actionable insights.

Get ROI in 8-12 weeks.

Introducing Easy Answers™

ChatGPT for enterprises but….so much more. A revolutionary natural language interface for business data, Easy Answers gives you quick insights to make blazing-fast decisions and deliver exceptional business outcomes.

Success Story

Financial Services

70%  reduction in contract execution time
60%  reduction in manual review extraction


Show future appointments with predicted no shows

Energy, Utilities

Show all premises in the path of storm Alex


Show contract clauses of more than $2 million liabilities


List deals at risk of closing in the next quarter


Show in-flight campaigns likely to miss ROI goals


Show past 2-month history for age group 18-24 on

Packaged Goods

Show future risk score trends for our new product


Generate customer segments by Instagram interactions

Make Actionable Insights Accessible

Easy Answers combines generative AI, conversational AI, a data-agnostic approach, flexible ML models and dynamic visualization to unleash your data’s potential.

Data Integrity & Security

Your data stays on your systems. Your controls, our insights.

Diverse Data Types

Get insights from structured and unstructured, internal and external data.

Business Apps in Weeks

Ready to use no code or low code apps in just 8 weeks.

Reduce Reliance on BI Tools

You no longer need to rely on expensive tools and skilled experts.

a  better  enterprise  demands  better  tools

Get rapid time to value. Easy Answers gives every employee a plain English interface to analyze structured and unstructured data, including contextual external data. With AI/ML models, users can uncover actionable insights with dynamic visualizations so they make smarter decisions and take faster actions.

Are you ready to see how you can propel your business to greater heights?