Leverage the full potential of AI by accessing your employees’ “Tribal Knowledge”

The App Orchid platform helps enterprises build powerful predictive AI fueled apps quickly. Core to App Orchid’s unique value is ability to incorporate users’ “tribal knowledge” into its Deep Learning process through knowledge graphs. This not only improves the insights that enterprises can get from their data but also mitigates the risk of losing institutional knowledge.

Build powerful predictive AI fueled apps

Leverage the App Orchid AI platform to build AI-apps that optimize your most important business functions.

An Enterprise AI Platform-as-a-Service

  • Uniquely incorporates your employees “Tribal Knowledge”
  • Extracts structured, unstructured and IOT data
  • Leverages enhanced NLP through functional & industry knowledge graphs
  • Learns your business automatically without large quantities of historical data
  • Requires NO replacement of systems, coding, training

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