AI Engine

Technology to make AI consumable enterprise-wide


Traditional technology cannot deliver consistent AI across your enterprise

Data access is difficult

Current tools expect you to have your data ready, in a format that can be easily consumed, but that isn't the reality in most organizations.

Models are stuck in silos

Disparate tools to build AI/ML models mean that putting them in production is time consuming and resource intensive

Current tools don’t work

Putting your AI into production can be a challenge - how do you integrate insights and automation into your workflow without significant resource and technology investments?

Build, train and deploy your own AI/ML models

Create and deploy governed, reusable, and logical AI models with Low/no code AI/ML model building, training and testing


Integrate models built in other tools

Bring your own model to our platform. Integrate existing models built in Python or platforms such as Vertex AI in seconds.


Make insights available in other applications and tools

Send insights to your end users to speed up decision making. AO insights are available through API access to most BI/analytics tools.


Automated AI Insights

Insights Engine automatically applies standard AI/ML models to data to surface interesting insights at the right time.

LLM Integration

Use any major LLM with our platform, with secure, “beyond the firewall” options for sensitive data. Deliver generative insights and summaries of key data with ease.


The fastest way to move put AI into production

Start with great data

App Orchid's Data Engine enables unified access to data across the enterprise with ease.

Make consuming AI models easy

Build models anywhere, benchmark them performance and deploy them using our AI Engine.

Integrate AI insights into existing workflows

With API access to AI/ML driven insights and support for common integration tools, easily deliver insights to your end user.

Our AI Engine helps deliver 95% certainty for solar developers on soiling losses in generation