App Orchid is revolutionizing the way enterprises approach digital transformation by putting the power of AI into the hands of the business users

The App Orchid Platform is an enterprise grade AI platform that combines all the technology required to build AI powered enterprise apps.

App Orchid is democratizing AI. No longer do business users have to endure long and expensive IT engagements. The App Orchid platform allows enterprises to deploy AI apps without any coding, replacement of systems or training. The App Orchid platform automatically gets your enterprise data “AI Ready” by performing the entire Knowledge Harvesting Lifecycle so you don’t have to deploy and integrate multiple tools. Most importantly we incorporate your employees “tribal knowledge” so that you get the best insights and recommendations for your business.

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Unlike other AI platforms or analytical tools, the App Orchid platform performs the entire Knowledge Harvesting Lifecycle necessary to make your data “AI ready” without you having to integrate various tools or cleanse your historical data.

Incorporate Employee “Tribal Knowledge” Easily

Core to App Orchid’s unique value is ability to incorporate users’ “tribal knowledge” into its Deep Learning process through knowledge graphs. This not only improves the insights that enterprises can get from their data but also mitigates the risk of losing institutional knowledge as an aging workforce retires.

Democratization of AI Makes Digital Transformation

Our unique AI Platform-as-a-Service model requires no replacement of systems, no coding and no training. Digitizing your business is now in the hands of the business users through App Orchid’s intuitive interface that allows business analysts to ingest data and configure AI powered apps without development expertise.

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