Commercial Real Estate

Intelligent insights form unstructured data for Commercial Real Estate companies

CREtelligent powers the commercial real estate (CRE) ecosystem as a trusted and leading provider of innovative due diligence solutions, analytics and professional insights. App Orchid delivered an intelligence engine that processes unstructured data and helps CREtelligent expedite reporting to customers.

Commercial Real Estate scores

Expedited document processing

Using unstructured data generation

CRE Intelligence engine

with reporting by Easy Answers

Reduced costs

By minimizing APIs, redundant work and faster reporting


CREtelligent powers the commercial real estate (CRE) ecosystem as a trusted and leading provider of innovative due diligence solutions, analytics and professional insights. As part of this process, they combine commercial documents with property data reports and environmental data to provide:

  • End-to-End Environmental Risk Assessment Suite
  • Condition/Resilience Reports
  • Land Services
  • Valuation
  • Packaged Services

However with no data lake and a very manual process, this took a long time today. CREtelligent wanted to automate the extraction of unstructured data from their many sources, the processing and assessment of risk, and the presentment of reports to their customers.


Utilizing App Orchid technology, data from many sources was extracted, structured and aggregated in a data lake connected to the AO platform.

Data Sources include:

  • Environmental Property data from ERIS (Environmental Research Institute of the States)
  • Black Knight Reports
  • Commercial property documents

Easy Answers was used to explore the data and generate rich dashboards and reports.

"Show all environmental listings"

Easy Answers also enabled comparison of various metrics and instant analysis.


App Orchid was used to build an Intelligence engine delivering

  • Reduced API costs
  • Expedited Reporting
  • New insights

CREtelligent can now deliver Expedited inspection reports for buildings to companies like Zillow, etc.

They are also able to rapidly generate EPA reports to banks and commerical lenders

The AO platform and aggregated data enables CREtelligent to offer new data nad business offerings to their customers