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Running Critical Apps on an Enterprise Data Fabric

Our customer was able to drastically reduce costs by relying on App Orchid’s platform-based innovation approach to modernizing the employee and customer experience. In 4 years, most major enterprise interactions were happening through the AO platform.


Zero Training Deployment

30-40% faster deployment

than off the shelf apps

Millions Saved

In services and software costs

App Orchid’s platform-based innovation approach to modernizing the employee and customer experience was chosen based on flexibility and time to value.

We started by connecting data to the semantic data fabric (the knowledge graph based platform) on a per-project basis. As more data was loaded to the semantic data fabric, apps became easier to build because of the ease of access to the data. New analytics and AI-assisted decision making became possible. The existing ERP transactional system was maintained as the system of record.


Major applications that were built on the AO platform and customized to the needs of the customer include:

  • Work Management: A full replacement of Click Software with added intelligence, dynamic scheduling and a glove-friendly user interface for field reps.
  • Outage alerting: with grid tracing, state & local website content updates, automated and templated alerts and more.
  • Customer 360: a single screen view of Customer information that enabled any one within the organization to play a customer service role.
  • Asset Management Intelligence: Detect, predict and prioritize asset problems.
  • Customer Portal: A full featured, responsive customer portal with efficiency, marketing and prosumer features.
  • Call center software - a full fledged call center application for customer service reps with incredible ease of use


The total time to deliver these apps was less that the time needed to successfully implement and customize most of these applications individually.


  1. Millions saved in software and services cost
  2. 60% faster call handling times
  3. 16% Field service improvement
  4. 90% fewer truck rolls for false positives
  5. Customer portal app