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Delivered in 8 weeks
Faster Insights
Productivity Improvements
from Easy Answers
Time saved in data prep

Traditional BI technology takes weeks to answer critical business questions

Easy Answers™

Explore your data with plain English questions like ...


Show future appointments with predicted no shows

Energy & Utilities

Show all apartments in the path of storm Alex


Show contract clauses of more than $2 million liabilities

Packaged goods

Show future risk score trends for our new product


List deals at risk of closing in the next quarter


Show in-flight campaigns likely to miss ROI goals


Generate customer segments by Instagram interactions

Online Advertising

Show past 2-month history for age group 18-24 on netflix.com

Curate Data, Visualizations, and Insights automatically

No more effort spent in manual curation of datasets. Easy Answers automatically extracts data from multiple systems, curates them into easily consumable datasets, visualizations, and insights.


Get automatically generated visualizations and dashboards

Powerful analytics and dashboards, generated automatically based on the type of type of data. Add key answers to your personal or shared dashboards in seconds.


Generate critical insights automatically

Useful Insights automatically generated by AI/ML models based on the questions asked. Identify anomalies, trends and other insights without manually applying data science.

Built-in data science models -

  • Clustering
  • Key Driver detection
  • Trend detection
  • Text & Entity extraction
  • Anomaly detection
  • Change point detection
  • Combinatorics
  • Event based

Easy Answers in Action


Search suggestions

Easy answers can help suggest questions to get started with data exploration

Automated data prep

Easy to use discovery module automated the setup, finds synonyms and suggest traits

Explainable insights

Verify insights and analytics by easily seeing queries and data sources as well as why insights were found.

Collaborate better

Make comments, create tasks and follow up in insights with the AO platforms’ tribal knowledge feature

Trainable visualizations & Insights

Easy Answers learns what insights and analytics are useful and becomes more useful the more you use it.

Available via chat

With chatbot integration as well as popular business messaging apps such as Microsoft Teams or Slack, get answers wherever you need it.

Personalized Dashboards

Save insights and analytics to your personal dashboard to keep an eye on what's important to you.

AI can automate the time consuming
parts of getting insights

Incredible Time to value

Only 8 weeks to get instant insights and augment them with additional data and context in minutes.

AI Insights from all your data

Don't just look at your data warehouse, easily access data from many sources, internal and external.

Not just analytics, decision intelligence

Get forward looking insights and optimized decisions with the AO intelligence fabric.

See how a retail membership company was able to optimize marketing spend using Easy Answers


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