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    Show me assets impacted by storms in 2022 Show me contracts without GDPR clauses Show me possible no show patients in Austin

    Traditional Methods


    Weeks to generate a new dashboard

    High effort activity. Requires skills, tools and time that make results unactionable.


    Data wrangling and visualization building is expensive

    Traditional toolds need data experts and data science resources to generate insights

    Using Easy Answers


    Get answers in seconds, not weeks

    No more wrangling data from many sources, no more hard to use visualization tools. Get answers now.


    Democratize insights

    Designed to deliver insights and analysis, powered by AI and into the hands of business users


    Faster time to insight


    Ask questions in plain English

    Support for industry terms and synonyms

    Intelligent auto complete & search history

    Get answers, with rich interactive, contextual  visualizations

    Every question displays a unique, appropriate visualization  based on the type of question asked.

    Get AI-powered insights, automatically generated

    Easy Answers  Insights Engine detects patterns, anomalies and trends based on the questions you ask.

      Engage data from External Sources for insights

      Easy Answers easily connects to external sources of data such as weather, traffic, crime and more. Better decision making with more contextual data.

      Understand your Unstructured Data

      Easily search through unstructured data in your enterprise – for example,  use Natural Language Processing to search and gain insights from text hidden in documents, contracts, service notes, and more.


      “Which vacation properties in California are affected by storms and likely to need assistance?”


      “Show items with low performing parts ordered in the past month and currently in transit.”


      “Show all contracts with uncapped liabilities that have “change of ownership” clause involving GDPR and CCPA.”


      “List all Neptune meters having wiring issues with less than two years of life left which were serviced in the past 30 days.”

      Build outcomes from these insights with the App Orchid Platform

      The AO Platform

      Our platform is designed to solve the problems of the next 10 years. Instead of digitizing legacy processes, it revolutionizes them.

      Easy Adoption

      Our apps require minimal training and easily adoption - because we hyper-focus on User Experience and Functionality.

      Knowledge Graph Ontology

      Our graph database approach allows us to define industry concepts in a way that both enterprise systems and AI can operate efficiently  and effectively

      Deployed at Scale

      Our Apps are tried and tested at large Fortune 500 companues

      Our AI Tools

      From Machine Learning to Combinatorial Analysis, our tools let you rapidly extract insights and predict outcomes across your businesses.

      Solutions for every Budget

      Our goal is to bring AI to the whole industry - our apps are priced to suit every budget.

      Fast deployment, Easy to use

      Requires minimal training to adopt

      Integrates with most technology systems

      Ready to deploy in 8-12 weeks

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