AI platform designed to spur action.

Realize tangible benefits from your data faster with a novel AI approach.

Powerful interface

Natural language processing (NLP) allows any user to seek insights from your data in plain English.

Rich dynamic visualization

Easily understand data and act on insights faster or automate workflows with rich and engaging visualization.

Diverse data sets

Gain actionable insights from both structured and unstructured data as well as from internal and external sources.

Innovative AI modeling

The unique data abstraction approach requires no data hosting, or re-structuring, enabling fast pattern recognition. Adapt the AI engine to any use case in any industry easily.

Seamless integration

Out of the box data connectors across 100s of industry leading data platforms make connecting with your data quick and easy.

Idea to apps

With no code/low code development, build highly responsive business applications from idea to production in weeks.

With its powerful capabilities, innovative approach, natural language processing, and fast implementation our platform enables you to unlock tangible value from your data to take actions, accelerate innovation, and drive growth.