March 28, 2023

AO Easy Answers™ Is Now Available on the SAP Store


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Built on SAP BTP, AO Easy Answers™ from App Orchid delivers AI & Natural Language Analytics to customers – ask questions in natural language and get rich AI-powered responses and insights.

San Ramon, CA — March 28, 2023 — App Orchid today announced that its AO Easy Answers™ is now available on SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. AO Easy Answers™ utilizes SAP BTP to enable customers to ask questions in natural language and get rich responses and AI-powered insights to customers.

“Generative AI has created a massive shift in how people expect to interact with data and AI. We’re helping companies shift from BI to AI”, opined Vaibhav Nadgauda, CEO of App Orchid and General Partner at Moneta Ventures. “With AO Easy Answers™, we simplify how businesses interact with data. Now you can talk to your data like a business leader and get instant contextual answers in seconds – with rich visualizations delivered faster than any BI team and AI-powered insights that put AI and data science in the hands of any user.”

AO Easy Answers™ enables business users to:

  1. interrogate SAP and non-SAP data, with input in simple English though any App Orchid app, a chatbot, or chat application such as Slack.  
  1. enable rich and relevant responses with charts, maps and other visualizations automatically generated based on the question asked and answers returned.
  1. AI-powered insights are generated automatically that can give customers actionable insights about the questions asked, with little to no user intervention.

AO Easy Answers™ uses generative AI to translate simple English requests to machine queries as well as process and summarize responses for the user. It can process the structured data in SAP and non-SAP systems as well as unstructured data such as documents, contracts, service notes; and contextualize it with external data sources (Weather, traffic, crime, credit) to give companies complete, relevant, and useful answers to their questions. AO Easy Answers™ provides a starting point for companies to explore new business questions and utilize the App Orchid platform to solve business problems – through AI, analytics, and applications.

By empowering business teams with the ability to get ad-hoc intelligence through responses to questions in just seconds, AO Easy Answers™ complements SAP’s powerful data and analytics tools such as SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Datasphere.

AO Easy Answers™ is built on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) with SAP Integration Suite and SAP HANA Data Lake (ex. SAP Integration Suite, SAP Extension Suite, SAP Analytics Cloud, etc.) and integrates with most SAP Solutions, including SAP S/4HANA as well as the previous generation of SAP Solutions (the integrated solution(s) listed on SAP Store).  

SAP Store, found at, delivers a simplified and connected digital customer experience for finding, trying, buying, and renewing more than 2,300 solutions from SAP and its partners. There, customers can find the SAP solutions and SAP-validated solutions they need to grow their business. And for each purchase made through SAP Store, SAP will plant a tree.

About App Orchid

App Orchid builds AI-powered apps that help companies solve critical problems in 8-12 weeks. Our flagship app, AO Easy Answers™ allows customers to ask questions in plain English and get a rich, contextual response from their enterprise systems, with rich visualizations and insights, like ChatGPT for Enterprise Data.

Our platform includes an AI core that can process large amounts of structured enterprise data and unstructured data (images, text, audio, etc.) with contextual external data (weather, traffic, etc.) to quickly provide insights, predictions, and intelligence. 

  We have deployed use cases like AI-assisted contract analysis and negotiation, Uber-like field service operations and predictive issue management for critical assets at large global companies.

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