May 1, 2023

Easy Answers by App Orchid Now Available on Google Cloud Platform


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San Ramon, CA – May 1, 2023 – App Orchid, an Enterprise AI Platform company, is proud to announce that its flagship product, Easy Answers, is now available on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.

Easy Answers users simply ask questions in plain English, get hyper-contextual, hyper-relevant responses, with beautiful and AI-powered insights generated form their enterprise data.

Easy Answers is designed to make it easy for business users to explore enterprise data and discover insights by using AI to eliminate the complexities of self-service reporting, data science development and dashboard building. Easy Answers uses generative AI to understand complex, natural language questions and provide powerful summaries and insights. Easy Answers automatically generates beautiful visualizations and dashboards based on the questions asked. Easy Answers built-in AI Engine surfaces insights proactively, based on the questions asked that provide critical intelligence to every user.

With Easy Answers on Google Cloud Platform, users can take advantage of Google’s low-latency, secure, and green infrastructure to explore a wide range of enterprise data sources, including structured data such as ERP and CRM systems, as well as unstructured data such as documents and free text. With Google’s Signals API, Easy Answers can be contextualized with external data sources such as weather, traffic, crime, and more.

“Generative AI tools have taken the world by storm, but the value to the Enterprise is not clear yet,” said Vaibhav Nadgauda, CEO of App Orchid. “We believe that Easy Answers offers a compelling value, just ask questions like a business leader and get powerful AI-powered insights, delivered in seconds. No investment in expensive data science tools and resources. By partnering with Google, we are excited to offer Easy Answers on the most sustainable cloud, augmented by Google’s best in class data and AI technologies.”

With Easy Answers, App Orchid’s customers are finding new opportunities to deploy AI to solve critical business challenges using applications developed using the App Orchid AI platform. The App Orchid AI Platform is an enterprise-grade AI platform optimized for Google Cloud that turns enterprise data into AI-powered insights and action in as quickly as 12 weeks.

About App Orchid

App Orchid is an Enterprise AI Platform company dedicated to solving critical business challenges using AI in 12 weeks or less. Its flagship product, Easy Answers, enables business users to explore enterprise data using plain English questions and gain valuable AI-powered insights without the need for data science skills.

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