March 14, 2022

Reducing operational spend by detecting hidden Asset Issues in Utility Meter Operations


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Case Study

Product: Asset Seer

Meter behavior can often be a black hole. Our client, a large Water Utility, was dealing with many meter related issues:

  • couldn’t tie asset issues to revenue impact
  • couldn’t find improperly installed meters or meters at customer types with typically high water usage.
  • estimated 60-65% of meter issues were false positives.

As a result, resources were being wasted with unnecessary service calls.

Solution Approach

We deployed Meter Operations app on the App Orchid platform to improve the accuracy of detecting faulty meters and to help prioritize which service calls were the most urgent in terms of both risk and revenue loss.

AI/ML Enablers

  • “Listened” to meter data on a daily basis, integrating all data coming from meters – such as meter alarms
  • Natural Language processing – Integrated employee “tribal knowledge” such as knowledge of specific location information that effects meter readings
  • Knowledge Graphs – Integrated knowledge of customer type and bills into meter health and issue identification such as “a car wash would use lots of water”
  • Utilized deep learning to continuously improve knowledge about meter issues and meter health


Meter Operations personnel immediately started to address the highest risk meters and document the accuracy of insights via the easy-to-use interface

  • Detected faulty and problematic meters and assets
  • Measure meter performance, meter life and probable outcomes
  • Detect what causes meter failure
  • Proactively repair or replace meters and prevent revenue leaks


False positive alarms in first 5 months


Avoiding truck rolls servicing false positives


No system replacement, added functionality to SAP


Broad context on issues and accurate billing

Asset Seer Product Page