July 15, 2022

Address 80% of customer inquiries immediately with AI-assisted problem solving


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Case Study

Product: Customer Context

Our client, a large Utility, experienced call handling times of 20-25 minutes, causing long wait times & ~100 dropped calls every hour, because:

  • CSR UX that was cumbersome and unintuitive.
  • finding the right info to resolve a call was time consuming.
  • multiple screens and apps and required a lot of cut and paste of information.
  • CSRs spent more time on system related tasks instead of focusing on the customer and helping resolve customer issues.

Solution Approach

We deployed AO Customer Context app on the App Orchid platform to present all relevant customer information on a single screen with easy-to-use UX, surfacing info with a maximum of 3 clicks.

AI/ML Enablers

  • Knowledge Graph – Access to most relevant information from other systems was made available. This included meter info, as well as status of work orders, etc.
  • Incredibly fast Google-like search
  • Prediction engine – CSRs gain customer sentiment and smart suggestions based on customer history.
  • Tribal Knowledge capture – gain information form interaction history and service info going back years.
  • Data pipelines – Proactive information retrieval of customer information, increased CSR operational efficiency significantly


CSR training moved from focusing on finding and documenting info to improving the customer interaction, allowing CSRs to provide more empathetic service. A modern, responsive UI meant availability of the app at home during the COVID pandemic.

The usability of the app led to other departments (including field service and finance departments) and executives to adopt the app.


Call handling time


Training time reduced from days to hours


No system replacement, added functionality to SAP


Broad context on issues and accurate billing

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