Start by asking questions in just weeks.

Phase 1: Question the Baseline Ontology
"Which Customers have upcoming subscription renewals in California?"


8 weeks
1-2 Data Domains
E.g. Customer and Sales Data
Phase 2: Add data for more insights
"Which products show the most usage in California?"


4 weeks
1 Data Domains
E.g. Usage and Adoption Data
Phase 3 : Enrich with External
"What percentage of affluent BMW drivers use our product in 30 miles radius?"


4 weeks
1-2 Data Domains
E.g. Census Data
Phase 4: Add AI/ML Modeling
"Which Customers are most likely to purchase a product upgrade in Q3?"


8 weeks
AI Model
E.g. Predictive model

Deployment Options

AO hosts and manages the software instance & data
Periodic Data sync based on content needed for insights
Seamlessly add context using external data sources
Ideal for customers who won't own or operate data lake
AO manages the Easy Answers instance
You manage your data
Seamlessly connect to your data sources and other external sources
Preferred by customers with an existing data lakes, warehouses, or stores
Access AO in your own environment, behind your firewall
Connect to on-premise and cloud data sources
Seamlessly add context using external data sources
Compliance friendly
Great for Enterprises who want control

Open and easy to use

Designed to solve the next generation of business challenges

Data Platforms

Incredibly fast decision intelligence with deep context and AI assistance

Easily connect to most data platforms with pre-built integrations and connectors
Maximize existing investments, no data replication
Maintain governance in source systems

External AI support

Bring your own models

Maximize investments in other AI/ML tools
Easily integrate, test and deploy existing models into workflows
Best of breed approach - use the best tools to build the most performant models.

Generative AI

Operationalize Generative AI in seconds

Behind the firewall access to LLMs
Easily integrate LLM outputs into dashboards and insight
Rapidly build prototypes and build apps that incorporate LLMs
Control outputs and access as well as hallucinations.

Business Intelligence tools and Enterprise Apps

Enable AI powered insights and outputs to Enterprise applications and Analytics platforms

API access to insights
Data pipelines make data available to any application


Run App Orchid on any major cloud platforms, either on your tenants or ours.

Available on public or private cloud.
Easy Purchase options through cloud marketplaces such as SAP App Store or GCP  Marketplace
On-prem available for select use cases

External Data Sources

Enrich data sources with external content

Existing content available out of the box
Integrate new content sources in seconds

Secure & Compliant

Flexible hosting architecture

Meet your security needs by self hosting or a hybrid SaaS model.

Secure User access

Use the services you need to securely autenticate- SAML, SSO, MFA

Data Encryption

End-to-end encryption with every app.


Compliant with SOC 2, HiPAA, GDPR, and ISO 27001 standards

Secure Data movement

SSH tunneling available for Hybrid and SaaS deployment