May 10, 2021

App Orchid releases v2.2 Version of ContractAI


Sathya Ramnath

Release 2.2.0 is the start of the 2.2 release cycle and is focused on delivering Contract Authoring tools. Contract Authoring in ContractAI enables Procurement organization leadership to automate building context-specific contracts for each new deal sent through the Buyer Application.

New Features

Analyzer Application
Global Decision Tree Landing Page

The Global decision tree is a new main page of the application, from which contract authoring decision trees can be accessed. The status of the main template decision trees can be found on this landing page.

Main Template Decision Tree

This decision tree composer lets Procurement leadership pre-define the questions and answers that will appear in New Deal Creation in the Buyer Application. The decision tree would yield the appropriate Contract Terms and Conditions based on the answers that the buyer user gives about the context of the deal.

Version control for Decision Trees

Two states exist for decision trees: Publish and Draft. Through these statuses, the Analyzer manager can maintain a stable decision tree to enable deal creation in Buyer while editing the decision tree for future enhancements.

Buyer Application
Re-design of New Deal Creation

New Deal Creation is now a dynamic questionnaire built around a wizard-like stepper. The Buyer-Manager creating a deal sees the questions that the Analyzer-Manager set up in the decision tree, and based on the answers they give, sees more questions and eventually arrives at the correct template for the deal they are trying to create.