September 15, 2021

App Orchid releases v2.3 Version of ContractAI


Sathya Ramnath

Release 2.3.0 is a major release with upgrades to key functionality of the ContractAI product suite. New features include:

  • Full Contract Authoring: Extension of the decision tree method for contract authoring enabling the authoring of complete contracts in ContractAI, entirely through decision trees and the rules engine within templates.
  • Negotiation 2.0: Our features for negotiation now include messaging between Buyers and Suppliers, the ability to change the variances available to suppliers for a deal in-flight, and the ability to have a controlled red-lining negotiation of “blank cards,” wherein Supplier provided language can be modified and returned for a multi-stage negotiation process.
  • Roles and Access Controls: With improvements ranging from new reviewer permissions, new access control permissions, and dynamic role creation, the ability to control access, workflow, and each user’s role in the contracting process has been significantly expanded.
  • DocuSign Integration: ContractAI is releasing its standardized integration with DocuSign, enabling contracts to be executed within the ContractAI workflow.
  • Template Library: An improved means of organizing templates, including a folder structure that can be used to filter reporting.

The major features of the 2.3.0 release are described below. Some features were not included in this list, please reach out to your App Orchid support contact if you can’t find a feature you were expecting to be in this list and they can provide an update for you.