August 6, 2021

App Orchid releases v2.3 Version of its Enterprise AI Platform


Sathya Ramnath

App Orchid, a leading enterprise AI platform company released its newest version (2.3) of its award-winning Enterprise AI platform. Significant enhancements to its pipeline composer, knowledge graph technology and multi-device capability enable users to build AI-powered apps with minimal coding.

“We are very excited to release version 2.3 of the App Orchid AI enterprise platform which is a major step in achieving our mission of democratizing AI. Data analysts can now perform the entire lifecycle of building an AI app with minimal coding – from acquiring and getting the data ready, to running machine learning algorithms.,” says Vaibhav Nadgauda, CEO of App Orchid.

App Orchid has introduced the following major enhancements in Release 2.3 of their Enterprise AI platform:

  • Pipeline Composer – Users can now stitch various AI lifecycle tasks together to perform end-to-end business functions. There are over 100 different out-of-the box tasks users can choose from. The Pipeline Composer allows users to connect to over 50 data sources just by using a visual drag & drop interface over a browser to fetch, clean, transform and shape data for downstream AI processing
  • Knowledge Graph/Ontology Technology – Managed Sematic Objects (MSO) have been enhanced to allow for dynamic modeling of business concepts. Relationships between Managed Semantic Objects will generate the knowledge graph automatically and allow for dynamic search capabilities
  • Single Code Base for Multiple Form Factors – App Orchid’s UX framework now supports creating native IOS and Android apps, leveraging all native capabilities of the device such as GPS, camera, microphone, etc. No more configuring or coding reports, the UX framework will automatically present the data in the best way for a specific device
  • Role/Persona Based User Experience – App Orchid’s UX framework dynamically changes how a user accesses, views and navigates through an application depending on configurable roles and personas. Users can interact with apps and data by what is meaningful to them
  • Advanced Search – Smart Search Box functionality assists users in searches and questions to automatically identify the words being typed into the field. It suggests what other terms can be used as alternatives and provides a list of other possible values without having to type in the search text again
  • Embedded Python Engine – Seamless integration of popular python Open Source libraries such as TensorFlow, PyTorch and others

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